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Spring 2016

Dates TBD

Workshop Information

Breadth of BeMoved is a one day workshop for BeMoved Licensee Instructors that focuses on developing the instructional skills needed to successfully share the BeMoved Dance Fitness experience with seniors and special needs adults. Attendees will learn class structure, teaching methodology, and core principles that address the unique challenges of delivering an authentic BeMoved Dance Fitness experience to individuals of diverse physical, intellectual, and emotional capacity.


Grow with us!



Prerequisites: Applicants must hold a current BeMoved Instructor’s license.

As with all BeMoved licensing programs, once you have completed the one day workshop, you can start teaching classes immediately!

With Breadth of BeMoved training, you will receive:

    1-Year Breadth of BeMoved License (annual renewal $150)

    Breadth of BeMoved Instructor’s Manual

    Breadth of BeMoved Philosophy & Methodology

    Breadth of BeMoved Teaching skills & Techniques

    Breadth of BeMoved Class Design, Structure and Flow

    Breadth of BeMoved Step-by-Step Choreography Syllabus for 1 Genre

    Breadth of BeMoved Instructor’s DVD including 1 Breadth of BeMoved Genre

    Breadth of BeMoved Music Playlists

    PLUS! Eligibility to purchase 5 additional Breadth of BeMoved Genre DVD’s (complete

      with syllabus materials) for $75 each.

Registration fee is $300. In addition, a one-year licensing fee of $150 is applied at time of registration.


For questions and additional information, contact us via email.


* All levels of BeMoved Licenses, Certifications and Renewals are subject to the terms of use and conditions contained in the BeMoved Instructor’s License Agreement and the Policies & Expectations contained therein.


BeMoved Instructor Certification Workshop Refund Policy

BeMoved understands that unexpected circumstances may require workshop participants to defer or cancel their scheduled BeMoved Instructor Certification Workshop participation.

DEFERMENT: Registered participants have the option to defer their registration to a future BeMoved Certification Workshop of equal training level.  To take advantage of this offer, the participant must notify BeMoved in writing 24 hours in advance of the scheduled workshop of his/her desire to defer training.  An administration fee of $25 will be applied at the time deferment is requested.

CANCELLATION: Cancelation can only be administrated 30 days prior to workshop commencement. Registered participants who cancel their workshop participation receive a 50% refund, minus a $25 administration fee.