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Increase your BeMoved® Success with Be-In

The Be-In membership provides enhanced services for BeMoved instructors to increase community outreach, marketing and advertising know-how, and profitability.


(6-month and 12-month memberships available)

BE-In Member Benefits

BeMoved instructors with a Be-In membership receive access to the following premier services:

  • Use of the BeMoved logo: The BeMoved logo may not be altered in any way, including physical changes and changes to the color palette.
  • Initial Skype call meeting to identify personal marketing initiatives: Upon purchasing a Be-In membership, members will have a voice-to-voice dialogue to identifying marketing challenges in order to stimulate new marketing initiatives.
  • Three special event flyers custom-designed for members: Members have access to three special event flyers custom-designed for them. A special event flyer is for a one-time-only event. A special events include a trial location class, a master BeMoved class, or a promotional BeMoved class event.
  • Access to the BeMoved Be-In Facebook forum: Members will receive marketing guidance, how-to information and advice through an educational Be-In Facebook forum. Members will also have the opportunity to network with other Be-In members to share marketing insights and successes.
  • How-To guides in social media marketing: Members will be able to view helpful guides to assist in their social media marketing efforts.
  • Feature personal BeMoved achievements on BeMoved social media outlets: Personal BeMoved achievements that will be posted on BeMoved social media outlets may include a local news feature, new class location, or a special event where Be-In member is speaking on and/or teaching BeMoved.
  • First to be offered BeMoved teaching opportunities: Members will be the first BeMoved instructors contacted with BeMoved teaching opportunities.
  • Option to acquire a personal BeMoved email address: Members have the option to acquire a personal InstructorName@BeMoved-Dance.com email address. This is a preferred option for many of our long-term BeMoved instructors who wish to have a BeMoved brand image.
  • Access to BeMoved promotional video: Members receive a digital copy of the BeMoved promotional DVD to use towards marketing efforts.

PLEASE NOTE: Be-In members assume full responsibility for providing BeMoved with accurate promotional details.